Aluminum Vs Steel and the Importance of Harmonics

This is the second piece of data from Dr. John Beaulieu. In this post John talks about why he chooses aluminum amalgam over steel for tuning forks.

For what reason did you pick aluminum tuning forks over steel tuning forks? I picked aluminum tuning forks due to their capability to ring hints. When I previously worked with tuning fork makers in the mid 1970’s to make a tuning fork that would ring every one of the hints they thought I was insane. Makers look downward on forks that ring hints. They will probably dispose of hints since they trust the higher the nature of a tuning fork the less suggestions it will deliver. They are right with regards to making a tuning fork for tuning an instrument or science classes. They are not right with regards to making a quality fork for the mending expressions.

After some time we explored different avenues regarding distinctive aluminum amalgam recipes to get a hardness that would sound the total hint arrangement. This was not a simple procedure. Today the more affordable aluminum tuning forks utilize gentler aluminum which does not sound the total suggestion arrangement. As far as anyone is concerned, just BioSonic tuning forks are the main tuning forks that ring the total suggestion arrangement. BioSonic’s are intended to be compatible with my exploration and long periods of involvement with sound.

What are hints? Suggestions are the “shrouded” hints of music. Regularly we think about a sound made by a melodic instrument as “one note”. For instance, on the off chance that you play C on the flute and a similar C on the violin; they are both a similar note C. Our ears realize that the two C’s sound diverse despite the fact that they are a similar note. It is the sounding of various suggestions over the note C that gives each instrument its particular sound or tonal shading.

The significance of hints in sound mending isn’t new. The picture of Jacob’s Ladder is frequently connected with the climb of suggestions. Jacob’s Ladder starts on earth and ascends to paradise. Earth is a representation for the crucial tone and each progression of the stepping stool speaks to an alternate hint climbing to paradise. The old researchers of the Kabbalah trusted that blessed messengers lived in the spaces, known as interims, between the rising hints. The intervallic spaces between suggestions were referred to by the antiquated Taoists as the Mysterious Mountain Passageways prompting saintly kingdoms.

Playing, singing, and tuning in to suggestions has for some time been a strategy for mending and profound getting up. Buddhist chanters in Mongolia and Tibet sing hints implanted with hallowed mantras. They reverberate suggestion sound in various sinus cavities and spaces inside their noggin while reciting. Numerous societies have created bowls that when they are tapped or scoured produce diverse hints. The most outstanding dishes are the Tibetan Singing Bowls. The Russian Composer Alexander Scriabin in the mid 1900’s trusted that sounding suggestions would deliver another time and join Heaven and Earth. His last piece, Mysterium, was to be played in India utilizing etheric ringers swung from mists that sounded shrill hints like breeze tolls. Scriabin imagined himself sitting on earth tuning in to hint voices of Devas or Spirit Angels that would deliver another period of illumination.

For what reason are suggestions so significant?

Suggestions animate the neural net through material incitement just as sound-related nerve conduction. At the point when suggestions are sounded they make a large number of throbs inside throbs that rub the audience inside a consistently changing condition of sound waves. When we tune in to the hints, we hear them through our skin just as with our ears. At the same time, a course of auxiliary and physiological occasions happen in our body as the suggestion waves spread all through our mind making a huge number of neural synaptic intersections search out reverberation with the distinctive intervallic hint connections.

I originally found this through experimentation in an anechoic chamber. As of late research has been distributed that is compatible with my phenomenological discoveries. A neuroscience group headed by Dr. S.J. Bensmaia of the University of Chicago has exhibited that our feeling of touch and feeling is much like our feeling of hearing. Regularly our capacity to contact and feel is depicted as a network of receptors in our skin that transmits data to our cerebrum. Dr. Bensmaia found that our skin is exceptionally responsive to vibrations and that these vibrations produce comparing wavering impacts in our nerves. Exploratory subjects had the capacity to separate microtonal frequencies through contacting and feeling. This would clarify how my hard of hearing patients had the capacity to feel sound waves on their skin and know precisely what music was being played.

(Mackevicius, EL, Best M.D., Saal H. P., Bensmaia SJ. Millisecond Precision Spike Timing Shapes Tactile Perception. Diary of Neuroscience, 2012; 32 (44): 15309 DOI: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.2161-12.2012)

Is there a science to hints? Scientifically hints are a progression of tones beginning from a crucial tone and rising endlessly in pitch. They depend on the straightforward numerical arrangement 1,2,3,4,5,6,7… n. Hint frequencies can be determined through numbers and proportions dependent on this grouping.

Have you recorded hints?

Indeed. I have committed a great deal of time to working and recording hints. When you play an instrument or tap tuning forks together hints sound normally in various elements. I turned out to be keen on hints as individual sounds with similarly unique qualities. The keep going structure on the CD Calendula “A Suite For Pythagorean Tuning Forks” is called Angelic Conversations. The title mirrors the conviction that light creatures, heavenly attendants, and devas live in the intervallic spaces of the suggestion arrangement. It is called discussions for a few reasons. The first is that going into the trap of sounding suggestions your neural net will adjust and select the hint interims that are most alluring to you. Inside these interims one can find the nearness of the celestial or sacrosanct.

In present day terms, we call this neural versatility. The sounding of hints animates the neural net and lights up the cerebrum stem through the generation and arrival of nitric oxide gas. The consistent development and terminating of neurotransmitters will frame an example dependent on your concentration inside the sound. This is an oblivious procedure, anyway it is feasible for the experience of suggestion intervallic connections to surface into our cognizant mindfulness and be seen as a discourse with awesome creatures. This is the premise of much mystery in music. I trust this is the thing that draws us over and over to music and why music is a piece of each religion and profound order.

The second explanation behind the title Angelic Conversations is to tell the audience that there are different discussions. Amid the 1990’s I turned out to be so inundated in investigating suggestions that I made the CD Spirit Whistles. Soul Whistles is a whole CD of hint investigations utilizing exceptionally planned suggestion whistles, synthesizer tuned suggestion sine waves, and Peruvian Whistles.

On the off chance that I possess steel tuning forks or another brand of aluminum tuning fork do they have recuperating esteem? Indeed. Steel tuning forks are tuned and when tapped on our knee and conveyed to the ears will have a similar impact as aluminum tuning forks as far as adjusting the sensory system. Be that as it may, they won’t ring hints and even with a knee tap our aluminum tuning forks will ring unpretentious suggestions. So despite the fact that one will get a feeling of consonant parity, one won’t get the additional recuperating advantages of hints.

With different brands of aluminum tuning forks it is purchaser be careful. As of late we tried aluminum tuning forks from China and Pakistan. They utilized a delicate aluminum amalgam that contained lead. The tuning forks were not warm treated and extra time they will lose their tune and because of the delicateness of the combination they dropped numerous suggestions. I accept even these tuning forks have a mending esteem. I would not suggest them anyway they make sound and ring a few hints. I trust this is superior to no stable.

Last contemplations? BioSonic tuning forks are astounding melodic instruments intended for mending. They are expansions of numerous long periods of experience and research. The majority of my examination and compositions on sound mending are open. They are my commitment to the mending expressions and sound recuperating field. All healers can utilize the standards I talk about and make sounds that work with those standards. BioSonic tuning forks are one path in a significant number of doing this. My objective has dependably been to guarantee that they are an excellent sound mending apparatus dependent on responsible gauges.

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